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May 22, 2018
Listed below will be the Skytropia Community Guidelines and Rules that will be enforced within the Skytropia Forums and Discord. These rules are subject to change whenever the Owners and Staff Members see fit. Breaking these rules may subject you to a server mute and/or ban depending on the severity of the rule(s) broken and the offense.

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Advertising Discord/TeamSpeak/Minecraft Servers:
Advertisement of Discord Links, TeamSpeak IPs, and Minecraft Server IPs, within the Official Skytropia Communities, is not permitted and may result in a ban from the platform the advertisement took place on. Attempting to get around this rule through methods of (but not limited to) forums conversations or in-game private messages may warrant a removal from the community.

Respect All Community and Staff Members:
Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated within the Skytropia Community. Treat everyone with the same respect as you expect to be treated with; no one enjoys being degraded or spoken to in ill-manners. Our staff members are here to help you and keep the community running safely and smoothly. Treating them with abuse will result in a removal from the community.

Inappropriate and Discriminatory Language:
As Skytropia is a family-friendly community, our goal is to make interacting with the community as pleasant as possible. Therefore, using any sort of profanity, inappropriate language, or words that may be considered offensive or disrespectful to another player will result in a punishment appropriate to the offense. This also includes treating or speaking to other members of the community negatively based off of gender/sex, race, sexuality, religion, and/or disabilities/mental illnesses.

Death Threats and Verbal Abuse:
Death Threats include telling another user that you intend or wish to hurt them in a physical and/or violent manner. In no way, shape, or form will threatening another user physically be seen as a "joke". It does not matter if they are your friend, family member, dog, or teacher, threatening another person's physical being will not be tolerated. In addition to this, telling another user to harm themselves physically or to end their lives will be treated similarly to a Death Threat.

DOX and DDoS Threats:
Threatening another user with DOX or DDoS threats will be taken very seriously. Whether it was simply a threat or a successful attempt, you will be removed from the community, nonetheless. These threats will not be seen as a "joke" in any light and will be handled appropriately for such.
  • What is a "DDoS Attack": A "Distributed Denial of Service Attack" is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its users by overloading it with “internet packets”. This requires obtaining the user's IP Address. This can be done through IP-Grabbers or other services.
  • What is a "DOX Attack": A DOX attack is the practice of investigating and revealing a target subject’s personally identifiable information, such as home address, workplace information and credit card numbers, without consent.

Inappropriate/Harmful/Malicious Links:
These sorts of links include, but are not limited to, pornographic websites/videos/images, discriminatory/inappropriate links/images, any sort of IP-grabbers, or any content that may be seen as offensive or inappropriate to users. Attempting to distribute any of the content listed will result in a removal from the community.

Inappropriate Usernames and Profile Pictures:
Please be courteous as to what you choose as your username and profile picture on the forums and discord server. If your username/profile picture is seen as inappropriate or offensive in any way, your account may be subjected to removal.

YouTube/Twitch Advertisement:
Although it is appreciated and encouraged to share your adventures within Skytropia with your friends, family, and viewers, there is a time and a place to do this! Please keep YouTube Advertisements to the appropriate section of the forums. Please keep in mind that advertising any content that isn't related to Skytropia will be removed and may result in a warning.
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